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Tourism Satellite Account 2005 - 2011

Release Date : Monday 14, January 2013 1724


This summary of findings provides information on tourism statistics in Malaysia for the period of 2005 to 20111. It presents data on expenditure for inbound, domestic, outbound, internal, supply & consumption and employment in the tourism industries. Two new indicators namely Tourism Direct Gross Value Added (TDGVA) and Tourism Direct Gross Domestic Product (TDGDP) are also provided. In line with the rebasing of Gross Domestic Product, the statistics were compiled in 2005 prices.


Total Tourism Expenditure, 2005-2011


Total Tourism Expenditure

Total tourism expenditure consists of inbound, domestic and outbound tourism expenditure. It increased from RM104.1 billion in 2010 to RM117.7 billion in 2011. Since year 2005, the larger portion of total tourism expenditure contributed by inbound tourism expenditure.


Inbound Tourism Expenditure

Inbound tourism expenditure showed a consistent positive growth for the period of 2006 to 2011. The total receipts increased to RM60.2 billion in 2011 from RM58.3 billion in 2010. In spite of the increase, the annual percentage change reduced from 6.1 per cent in 2010 to 3.1 per cent in 2011. Meanwhile, the number of inbound visitors to Malaysia in 2011 recorded 32.8 million, an increase from 32.7 million in 2010. Most of the visitors were from ASEAN countries especially from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


Domestic Tourism Expenditure

Domestic tourism expenditure expanded from RM27.6 billion in 2010 to RM36.2 billion in 2011. Throughout the years, it recorded double digit growth except in 2008 which registered a negative growth in line with the increase in the price of petrol.


Outbound Tourism Expenditure

Outbound tourism expenditure which reflects the outflows of tourism expenditure contracted by 0.1 percentage point as compared to 17.5 per cent in 2010. Outbound tourism expenditure for 2011 registered the highest outflows of RM21.3 billion since year 2005. 


Detailed data is available in the publication entitled Malaysia Tourism Satellite Account, 2005-2011


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