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Industrial Training

What other services are provided by the Department of Statistics Malaysia?

Currently, DOSM only offers the opportunity to conduct industrial training or practical training to students of Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia.     

The applicants are required to follow this guideline:

  1. The application is open to Malaysian students only.
  2. The applicants must have at least a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Public Administration, Graphic Design or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) to apply for the industrial training.
  3. Copy of identity card, resume, letter of support from the University/College and academic transcript must be submitted to the Strategic and International Communication Statistics Division, Department of Statistics Malaysia at least three (3) months before the Industrial Training period begins through the application form at the following link: https://bit.ly/LatihanIndustriDOSM.
  4. Allowance will be given according to the reference number: JPA (L) S. 175/4/4-2 Klt.4 (21). However, allowance payments are limited. Therefore, only some selected Industrial Training applicants will be offered allowance payments.
  5. Students are required to submit two (2) copies (softcopy and hardcopy) of their Industrial Training Report to DOSM’s supervisor officer upon completion of the industrial training.
  6. If you need further clarification on this matter, please contact the Industrial Training Secretariat by email: latihanindustri@dosm.gov.my.