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Population and Housing Census

  1. What is the definition of urban areas used by the Department?
    The definition of urban is:

    "Gazetted areas with their adjoining built-up areas, which had a combined population of 10,000 or more at the time of the Census 2010 or the special development area that can be identified, which at least had a population of 10,000 with at least 60 % of population (aged 15 years and above) were involved in non-agricultural activities."

    Built-up areas were contiguous to a gazetted area and had at least 60% of their population (aged 15 years and above) engaged in non-agricultural activities.

    Special development areas are areas of development that can be identified and separated from any gazetted area or built- up area more than 5 km and the area had a population of at least 10,000 with 60% of the population (aged 15 years and above) were involved in non-agricultural.