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No Subject Frequency Questionnaires Guideline
1. Survey of International Trade In Services  Quarterly    
  a) ITS 1 - Transport      
  • Transport - Passenger, Freight, Warehousing & Other Transport Related Services
  • Transport - Port & Airport Operator
  • Transport - Postal & Courier Services
  b) ITS Generic      
2. International Investment Position (Joint Survey DOSM-BNM) Quarterly  
3. Survey of Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (Outward FATS) Biennially  



 1. Survey of International Trade in Services

Survey of International Trade in Services which is conducted quarterly, commenced its survey in first quarter 2008 for transportation. The survey canvasses enterprises involved in transportation activities and having international transactions. For communication, telecommunication, computer & information, and construction & engineering related services, the survey commenced in first quarter 2009.

From the first quarter 2013, the Department has conducted Survey of International Trade in Services (General Questionnaire) which includes services related to manufacturing services, maintenance and repair n.i.e, construction, insurance and pension services, financial services, charges for the use of intellectual properties n.i.e, personal, cultural and recreational and other business services.

The methodology for data collection is using a questionnaire form which is send by email and e-survey on a quarterly basis. Respondents are given one month to complete and return this questionnaire. This survey is also conducted via e-survey through the department’s web base.


 2. Survey of Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (Outward FATS)

The Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (Outward FATS) survey collects economic indicators of affiliates abroad from the parent company in Malaysia which holds equity of more than 50 per cent. This survey is conducted biennially.

The statistics compiled from this survey presents economic performance of affiliates abroad in various economic activities comprising the number of affiliates, turnover, numbers of employees, compensation of employees, assets and liabilities. This statistics is important in economics analysis, policy formation and international trade negotiation in the era of globalisation and liberalisation.


 3. International Investment Position (Joint Survey DOSM-BNM)

DOSM and BNM conducted International Investment Position (IIP) Joint-Survey. This survey collects the statistics of financial assets and liabilities between Malaysia and foreign companies. This survey is conducted on quarterly basis via online submission through BNM portal.

The survey covers respondents from banking institutions and selected companies in Malaysia with overseas companies. The respondents need to submit their report 15 days after end of the reporting period.

This data is very important in the compilation of Balance of Payments Statistics for Income Account, Financial Account, Direct Investment Position, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Malaysia and Malaysia’s Direct Investment Abroad (DIA).