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No Subject Frequency Questionnaires Guideline
1. Business Tendency Survey Quarterly    
  i) Agriculture   -
  ii) Industry (Mining, Water and Electricity)   -
  iii) Manufacturing   -
  iv) Construction   -
  v) Wholesale and Retail Trade   -
  vi) Hotel   -
  vii) Food and Beverage   -
  viii) Finance   -
  ix) Education   -
  x) Services (Transportation & Storage, Communications, Real Estate, Insurance and Information & Communication Technology   -
  xi) Other Services (Professional, Administrative & Support Services and Health)   -



 Business Tendency Survey

The Department of Statistics has been conducting The Business Tendency Survey since 2004 at quarterly basis. The survey gathered the views of senior management on business performance from 631 establishments which representing various sectors of the economy in Malaysia.

The objective of this survey is to collect qualitative information regarding the direction of change for key economic variables on business performance for the past three months and expectations for the next three and six months. The feedback are based on a three-point scale type such as increase/ unchanged/ decline; or good/ satisfactory/ bad. However, it does not reflect the magnitude of change. The information is useful for monitoring the current economic situation.

The survey covers four main sectors in Malaysia namely industry, construction, wholesale & retail trade and services. The industrial sector covers agriculture, mining, manufacturing and electricity & water while the services sector consists of accommodation, transportation and storage, communications, finance, insurance, real estate and information & communications technology. Starting from the first quarter of 2020, the coverage expansion of services sector include food & beverages, education, administrative & support services, professional, health and other services. The sample is selected based on the list of companies obtained from the Economic Census conducted in 2016 for reference year 2015. The findings of this survey are released in the publication title 'Quarterly Business Tendency Statistics'.