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Population Quick Info


What is Population Quick Info?

  • Population Quick Info is a quick and easy population search engine. This system is user friendly because the data can be printed directly or downloaded via the internet.

What is the data contained in the Population Quick Info?

  • Population Quick Info contained information on Intercensal Population Estimates 1970–2010, Current Population Estimates and Population Projections 2010–2040 which is the mid-year population estimates (30 June). This information is accessible by state, ethnic group, age and sex.

What is Intercensal Population Estimates?

  • Intercensal Population Estimates are estimates of population for reference dates between two censuses and the time series data are final population estimates. This data will be reviewed every ten years after Population and Housing Census is conducted and using the final data on births and deaths. The population estimates were calculated using forward survival and reverse survival methods. This data can be used for research purposes.

What is Current Population Estimates?

  • Current Population Estimates is the size of current population in a particular area. This data is calculated yearly and used cohort-component method which contained births, deaths, internal and international migration of the reference year. These estimates provide an overview of the growth and potential changes in population in terms of structure and compositions.

What is Population Projections?

  • Population projections are estimates of population in the future. These projections are calculated every ten years that is after the Population and Housing Census was conducted. The projections were calculated using cohort component method which contained births, deaths and net migration. These projections provide the potential changes in population based on the assumptions of births, deaths, internal and international migration in the future. This data are used by planners and policy makers for planning and implementation of national development for long term and as well as study and research purposes by the public and private sector.

For further information or need any assistance, please contact: 

Population & Demographic Statistics Division,
Department of Statistics Malaysia,
Level 4, Block C6, Complex C,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62514 Putrajaya,

Pn. Noor Faadlilah Binti Ismail (faadlilah@dosm.gov.my)
Tel. No.: 603 - 8885 7298

Pn. Emi Sabrina Binti Mohd Noor (emi.sabrina@dosm.gov.my)
Tel. No.: 603 - 8885 7293