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Household Survey

  1. Why is there a need to conduct the Household Surveys?
    The purpose of conducting the household survey is to collect data in respect of the socio-economic characteristics of the population. These data are very important to the Government and the private sector in formulating policies and making decisions.
  2. My family members come home very late. Can I answer the questions for them?
    As the questions of the survey relate to information of a more personal nature, it would be better to ask the household member concerned in person. Your family members can contact us by phone to fix a suitable time for interview.
  3. I was selected for this survey a few months ago. Why am I selected again this time?
    It is the design of the sampling method in this survey to include certain households enumerated again in the current round. This design allows comparison to be made on the data supplied by the same households during different periods. In this way, changes in the socio-economic conditions of the population could be more precisely measured.
  4. Could you send me the questionnaire by mail and I send it back to you after I have completed it?
    Although the time required for this interview is not very long, the questionnaire is fairly complicated and the concepts involved are by no means simple. Our trained interviewers could assist the respondents in furnishing the required statistical data in a convenient and accurate manner. All our interviewers are bound by regulations to keep your information in strict confidence and will not disclose data collected in the survey to any third party. Please feel comfortable to answer the questions raised by our interviewers.
  5. Can you find another household to replace me?
    We are sorry that this cannot be done. The sample is selected in accordance with scientific and probability-based statistical methods. We cannot purposely add or remove any households to/from the sample, as this will affect the representativeness of the survey results.